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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Britain's Got Talent x

Wednesday was amazing! I went to the Britain's Got Talent 3rd semi final, thanks to my Dad, the vision mixer of the show. I love Ant & Dec, and got to high five Dec when he passed me in the studio. I met Pixie Lott, and thought her performance was great. I also saw Louie Spence, star of Pineapple Dance Studios, in the ITV2 studio, and he waved at me! We were sat a few rows behind Simon Cowell's guests and were directly behind the judges. I have to say I hated Amanda Holden's shoes, they were horrible. Incase you didn't see, they were purple and covered in tacky glitter. However, I thought she looked gorgeous on the final with her new hair cut and embellished white futuristic dress. I am very glad Spellbound won, as they were extremely talented and definately a world class act unlike many others. x


  1. you are actually the luckiest girl EVER! i am so jealous :(( i LOVEEEEEEEEEE twist and pulse and i'm sad they didn't win. but spelbound were good though. i love tobias mead too :)
    haha i love ant and dec, they are soo cool and funny :) hahah louis spence is funny and weird. ahha. i love amandas new hair,it really suits her :)

  2. have to agree, pretty jealous!
    same, love hernew hair and hated her purple shoes.
    louie spence is hilarious haha.

  3. I know her new hair is gorgeous! Spellbound r better than twist and pulse but them and tobias meade were rle good :) Louie spence is the collest person ever. x

  4. my god! I LOVE THIS SHOW! even though im norwegian I still manage to see it here in norway!
    god you're lucky!